Investment Workshop

Through our school and college life, nobody taught us to invest, or how to invest, or where to invest.

This is a one day (4-5 hours) training workshop, which caters to the needs of those who have no knowledge of investing in stock markets or investing in other assets, as well as of those who have been investing in stocks or insurance products.

The objective of this workshop is to prepare investors or common people to understand difference between an asset and a liability, and explain them how to avoid wrong investmets for themselves.

Topics covered in the workshop -

  • Fundamentals of investing
  • Excel based Financial Planning
  • What to buy - Productive Asset
  • How inflation and lifestyle inflation affects us
  • Growth rate required to reach your goals
  • Why it is important to invest in Stock market
  • How a non - finance backgroung person can invest in stock market 

Fee for Workshop: Rs. 4,500/- per person.