Gaurav Verma - Founder

Gaurav has over 15 years of experience in secured and insecured investments. He is a Computer Engineer and has business experience of engineering services, imports and finance industries. He has served mostly B2B industries. His interests in stock markets and other financial products began when he was in college. He believes, a middle class indian family loses over Rs.1 Crore in 30 - 40 years because of wrong/ no financial planning. This results in wrong investments. A wrong investment may be buying excess of an unproductive asset like Gold, or simply by doing FD in a Bank, when you may most of the time get better returns from AAA rated Financial companies, or simply negleting Life or Health insurance, which can prove very costly, or by considering equity as just gambling instead of a long term asset like a house.

Our Vision:

Rupeeladder was born with a single objective: to enable wealth creation for our clients through proper financial planning.